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Autograding in binder with nbgrader v0.6.x

This repository is demonstraing the nbgrader autograding in binder environment.

How to use?

  1. Launch binder Binder
  2. Open "run_me.ipynb"
  3. Enter the token and folder setting for current assingment
  4. Run first two cells in "run_me.ipynb" notebook
  5. Return to jupyter root and click on formgrader
  6. Choose assignment and start grading.

nbgrader folder setting table

Use this table to find correct folder and filename structure for nbgrader. This structure has to be identical with original CoCalc FileStructure.

SSS Folder Lab Filename Exercises Filename Lab ID Exercises ID
Week 1 SSS1 None SSS1 !!!NOT-SUPPORTED!!! None SSS1
Week 2 SSS2 SSS2_Lab SSS2_Ex SSS2L SSS2E
Week 3 SSS3 SSS3_Lab SSS3_Ex SSS3L SSS3E
Week 4 SSS4 SSS4_Lab SSS4_Ex SSS4L SSS4E
Week 5 SSS5 None SSS5_Ex None SSS5E
Week 6 SSS6 SSS6_Lab SSS6_Ex SSS6L SSS6E
Week 7 SSS7 SSS7_Lab SSS7_Ex SSS7L SSS7E
Week 8 SSS8 SSS8_Lab SSS8_Ex SSS8L SSS8E
Week 9 SSS9 SSS9_Lab SSS9_Ex SSS9L SSS9E
Week 10 SSS10 SSS10_Lab SSS10_Ex SSS10L SSS10E
Week 11 SSS11 SSS11_Lab SSS11_Ex SSS11L SSS11E
Week 13 SSS13 SSS13_Lab SSS13_Ex SSS13L SSS13E
Week 14 SSS14 None SSS14_Ex None SSS14E
PreDEMO PRELIMINARY2020demo OPEN_ME_notebook None PRELIMINARY2020demo None
Preliminary M24 PRELIMINARY2020 OPEN_ME_notebook None PRELIMINARY2020 None
PostSummerDEMO POSTSUMMER2020_demo OPEN_ME_notebook None POSTSUMMER2020_demo None

MiUpload nbgrader_download(...) arguments

nbgrader_download(assignment, token = None, group = None, filename=assignment, folder=assignemnt)
  • assignment: REQUIRED, unique identificator of assignment
  • token: Temporary overrides the current user with access token of assignment owner. Useful when you want to download an assignment that you are not owner.
  • group: Download only notebook of specific sub-group of users (for example specific SSS session)
  • filename: Filename of downloaded notebook without .ipynb file extension. Default value is the same as assignment argument.
  • folder: Assignment folder name where downloaded notebook should be saved.